Los Angeles Attorney Abraham Apraku

At The Law Office of Abraham Apraku, our team dedicates all of our resources and expertise to vigorously, competently, and efficiently pursuing the best result for our clients.  Our work focuses entirely on promoting what is in our clients’ best interest.  We develop customized strategies and recommend prudent and affordable options that are most suitable for each client.

What separates the Law Office of Abraham Apraku is our unique combination of expertise and client service.  As a Harvard Law School graduate, Mr. Apraku is able to provide clients’ with the most reputable and respected legal training in the world.  This allows our Office to alleviate our clients’ fears and help provide them with support so they do not have to worry about their legal obstacles.

We also take great pride in getting to know our clients’ and allowing them an opportunity to have their voice heard.  Our commitment to providing our client’s with excellent service is exemplified by our warm and welcoming staff and also by our consistent effort to provide clear communication.  While many law firms fail to keep their clients’ involved in their own cases, our Office strives to provide status updates that keep our clients’ informed on each step of the legal process.

We offer competitive rates and also offer a free consultation with Mr. Apraku. Please contact our office at (626) 282-8222 to discuss your legal issue.

Practice Areas
Estate Planning
Probate and Trust Litigation
Business Law and Litigation
Special Needs Children Law
Family Law
Personal Injury

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