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SSI Disability Claims
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Southern California Special Education Attorney
We are proud to assist families with a special needs child. There are three main areas we specialize in:
1) Special Education Law: We represent students and families in obtaining and enforcing special education rights. We represent clients from the initial request for assessment through a due process complaint.
2) Conservatorship: We represent special needs children who are approaching the age of 18. We help families obtain conservatorship to help ensure that the special needs child is not taken advantage of financially or otherwise.

3) Special Needs Trust: We help create particular trusts to benefit special needs children and still help them remain eligible for important government benefits

4) SSI Disability Claims: We help advocate for claimants who have been denied to obtain SSI benefits for special needs children.

We offer competitive rates and also offer a free consultation with Mr. Apraku. Please contact our office at (626) 282-8222 to discuss your legal issue.


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